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Our Philosophy

We stand proudly behind our solutions because they have been tested and proven for years by experts all around the world. Our solutions are guided by the philosophy that a sound digital marketing strategy is grounded firmly on the customer buying journey.

Modern businesses that apply this principle achieve generate consistent and predictable revenue and success.

our philosophy - the customer journey

Marketing has changed

Before the internet and mobile devices existed, your customers discovered your business pretty simply!

First, an initial Stimulus would catch the attention of your customer — something like a radio ad, television spot, or a coupon in the phone book for your business.

Next, if this sparks their interest, they immediately head to your business. They buy the product or service they were interested in, and experience a “First Moment of Truth.”

Then, afterwards, they see if expectations match reality. Did they love their experience? Hate whatever it is they bought? Often, consumers share bad experiences with friends and family; that’s important to keep in mind…

… especially because of how things have changed.

People research your business before they enter your front door!

The moment people are making decisions is happening ONLINE. Google calls this the Zero-Moment-Of-Truth. And it’s happening every single day for your business.

Source: Think With Google


Dominating Digital

Since 93% of shoppers say they use online resources and buying decisions are made at the Zero Moment of Truth, how is your marketing performing?

Believe it or not: EVERY customer goes through a 5-stage journey each time they make a purchasing decision.

Most digital agencies use digital marketing tools in isolation, which in turn, achieve mixed results at the expense of their clients.

We provide our clients with a strategy that revolves around using digital marketing tools in order to capture and retain people at every stage of the customer journey. And the results are tremendous.








It still starts with Interest & Awareness. Television, radio ads, billboard aren’t going away completely… but they’re now being supplemented by digital stimulus. Things like online advertising, email & text marketing, and YouTube video ads.

After becoming aware of your business, consumers start discovering more with search. 

There are more places than EVER where people are searching for businesses. It’s not just Google, either. There are apps, directories, voice search, GPS… lots of places.

After finding your business, consumers see your reviews. In fact, it’s often the first thing showcased in Google search result.

When a consumer uses ratings, reviews, and recommendations to help them compare choices, this affects the Zero Moment of Truth – where they choose which business they’re going to buy from.

Next step in the consumer’s journey is finally connecting with your business.

Consumers are looking for quick, easy ways to make a booking, make an order, make an appointment, among other things.

Finally, it’s important to do everything you can to encourage happy customers to return again, and tell other about you.

Let them know to write you a review, post on social media, and of course, invite them back.

Hallmark Digital delivers increased results because your strategy is built on an Integrated Solution

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. So, when all of your digital marketing is with Hallmark, everything works in sync in order to deliver increased, consistent, and predictable results.

Smart = Hallmark Digital Marketing

It all starts with one, smart, no-obligation conversation. Let’s set up a time to talk.

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