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Turn Likes Into Customers

Use social media to inspire new customers and repeat sales

Social Marketing

Setting up your business pages. Creating targeted ads. Delivering the results you crave.

Social Presence

We’ll help create your Business Page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn– with your business logo, company details, and photos. You’ll have a strong, up-to-date social presence.

Social Ads

The ads we create for you will appear in customers’ news feed, messenger, and marketplace.

Social Optimization

Using Facebook’s powerful targeting, we put your ads in front of the people who are right for your business – and ‘Retargeting’ keeps your ads in front of your top prospects.

Social Results

Hallmark Social delivers real results – you choose whether you want more clicks to your website, increased visibility, or more qualified leads.

Here’s how Hallmark Social Marketing can work for your business…

Hallmark Social gives you an unmatched social marketing solution

1-on-1 Consultation

Your Hallmark Social campaign starts with you telling one of our Business Success Managers exactly what business goals you want to achieve.

Precise Targeting

We know how to maximize the targeting capabilities that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide to reach exactly the audience you want.


Ad Optimization

Ongoing testing ensures your campaign performance is continually monitored and optimized to deliver maximum results for your budget.

Real-Time Analytics

You have 24/7 online access to a simplified dashboard so you can always see how your campaigns are performing and see proof of your dollars at work.

Social Marketing FAQ

What makes a good social media ad?

In general, what works on most social media platforms is personalization and authenticity.  You want your ad to reflect who you really are–for example, using actual photos of your staff and your business. Getting it right is really a combination of art and science–writing compelling marketing copy and selecting good images, but also testing and measuring different combinations to see what works best for your specific audience.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media and social networks to market your company’s products and services. This includes managing your page and interactions with customers, creating timely, relevant, and engaging posts and ads. These ads are targeted to specific groups of users who will see them in their feeds as they browse social networks on their computers, tablets, and phones. Unlike organic posts on Facebook or Instagram, social ads are designed to help you achieve a defined goal – more traffic to your website, increased brand awareness, or new leads for your small business.

What social media platform is best for marketing?

Like any advertising, it’s best to get your message where the most people will see it – and today, that’s on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms give you powerful tools to target the prospects and customers you want to reach on social media and plenty of options to drive the actions you want – whether it’s building your brand awareness or generating new leads.

Is social marketing just Facebook posts?

No. Social marketing focuses on paid ads on social networks, targeting the potential customers you want. Unlike organic posts on Facebook and other social networks that are only seen by a percentage of the people already following you, paid social ads can reach a wider, targeted audience for any number of goals – driving traffic to your site, increasing your brand awareness, or generating leads for your business.

Hallmark Digital delivers increased results because your site is the central part of an integrated Solution

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. So, when all of your digital marketing is with Hallmark, your Social Marketing works in sync with your Hallmark Smart Site, your Reviews, your Display Ads and more, to deliver increased results.

Smart = Hallmark Social Marketing

It all starts with one, smart, no-obligation conversation. Let’s set up a time to talk.

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